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Complete Systems for Electrochemical Research

Electrochemical Laboratories

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VoltaLab 80 (PGZ402 & VoltaMaster 4)
Universal Electrochemical Laboratory

VoltaLab 80 is a universal instrument that will serve your imagination, making the use of delicate electrochemistry so simple and efficient that you will benefit from its potential straightaway. Everything is available from the simplest tutorial to the ultimate state-of-the-art methods, the "Universal Differential Pulse". These universal methods exist either in recurrent mode (for battery testing) or over a potential ramp for analytical purposes. VoltaLab 80 is the most versatile potentiostat and software combination around.

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VoltaLab 40 (PGZ301 & VoltaMaster 4)
Dynamic Electrochemical Laboratory

VoltaLab 40 is a dynamic system which combines outstanding performance and ease of use. It represents a major breakthrough in the field of ohmic drop compensation by offering dynamic compensation controlled by impedance measurement. It is the obvious choice for high-level researchers. It is the easiest to use and most versatile "all-in-one" potentiostat on the market and it is ideal for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy combined with conventional methods such as Voltammetry.

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VoltaLab 10 (PGZ100 & VoltaMaster 4)
All-in-one Electrochemical Laboratory

VoltaLab 10 is an all-in-one system which brings you a multitude of functions in a compact box at an unbeatable price. It is the obvious choice for teaching or for beginners in electrochemistry. It is the easiest to use "all-in-one" potentiostat on the market. It offers Voltammetry and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

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VoltaLab 50 (PST050 & VoltaMaster 4)
Analytical Electrochemical Laboratory

VoltaLab 50 is an analytical quantitative laboratory which automates and simplifies any type of electrochemical analysis using standard addition, standard calibration and calibration by addition. Everything is made easy and practical. For instance the spectrums can be automatically compared to reference spectrum in order to establish a "pass or fail" protocol. User-selectable unit, blank and dilution factor management are some of the fundamental features provided. Every DC technique can be set and run, including every polarographic methods plus the extraordinarily powerful Universal Differential Pulse method.

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VoltaLab 06 (PST006 & VoltaMaster 4)
Educational Potentiostat

VoltaLab 06 is the perfect tool for educational establishments looking for a simple and complete tool to start teaching electrochemistry. It is the most simple to use and most self-explanatory potentiostat in our VoltaLab product range.

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VoltaLab 21 (PGP201 & VoltaMaster 4)
Economical Electrochemical Laboratory

VoltaLab 21 is a compact potentiostat/galvanostat with built-in signal generator that can be used as a stand-alone instrument when it is programmed through its front panel. In this manual mode, the PGP201 scan rate can be selected up to 2.5 V/s. With VoltaMaster 4, the maximum scan rate is 10 mV/s. Ideal for corrosion studies, VoltaLab 21 records the polarisation resistance and the corrosion potential over very long periods. Pitting tests as well as coupled corrosion tests are available. VoltaLab 21 works either in floating or non-floating mode.

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